The club Amici de I3 Camini

oining the club You will have the opportunity to enjoy additional services such as:

  • In room kettle
  • Free WI-FI
  • Tickets reservation/purchause under your name related to Como lake ferry lines or to visit local turist attractions as villa Monastero/Orrido di Bellano/Vezio Castle and others.

The club members can meet each other, from 18.30 untill 22, and engoy the upper floor room where it is posslble to read or chat in front of the main firplace of the house. In the area it is also possible to relax and drink a glass of wine or a mug of tea at a reasonable prize.

In the company of Flavio you can organize evening tastings, a selection of local food, cooking meet and vegetables or having a barbeque.


The aim of ‘club Amici de i 3 Camini’ is to push occasions to join people and to have recreation time reserved only to the club member.

Member of this club are the people registered and up to date with the payment of the associative contribution.

Members meet each other in the building of B&B ‘I Tre Camini’ according to the availability of the structure and to the availability of the manager.